Hockey One Set Customized Tackle Twill Sleeve Numbers for Any Team (un-stitched)


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Authentic Tackle Twill fabric with thermal permanent-adhesive backing

Customized Tackle Twill Numbers (un-stitched)


Any Team or Font

Includes one set of (two or four numbers for same team and color jersey) sleeve numbers for hockey jerseys



Item Description


This listing is for one set of hockey sleeve numbers, for any hockey team or font.  Available in three sizes Mens, Womens and Youth

  • Standard specifications per team
  • Authentic material: 100% tackle twill fabric with thermal permanent-adhesive backing. Felt kits are also available in select colors.
  • Standard layer(s) twill fabric per team’s specification
  • Numbers can be permanently heat-pressed / ironed on or sewn on the jersey/garment
  • Kit includes: One set of sleeve numbers.  Heat-press and iron on application instructions
  • It is best to have the top layers of the numbers sewn, before heat pressing the numbers to the jersey,in the case of multiple layer kits. After your numbers are heat-pressed or ironed on, have the bottom layer sewn with a zig-zag pattern to ensure a permanent bond, and to prevent frayed edges of the kit.


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